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Friday, December 30, 2011

Sipalu Bag -Done!

It is kind of odd knitting around on the Avery cowl, but it is knitting up fast.  As of last night it is half way done.  The pattern is repeated 3 times - this is 1.7 or so......and no, it is not twisted.  thank goodness.  Loving the yarn and the color.

Oh and yesterday Alice, the cobbler from 5th Avenue boot repair, called. She was pretty excited.  She finished attaching the straps to the bag and sounded pretty excited.  So I will post a pic of that once I pick it up!

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Two new projects on the needles - Ashby and Avery

I cashed in a gift certificate to Virtual Yarns and have started the Ashby shawl.  It is kind of tedious knitting, but should be pretty.

I also started one of two Avery Cowls.  The yarn is from Quince and Company.  It is knit around so I need to check it to make sure I am not twisted.  The pattern is cool, but I keep getting mixed up, must be the drugs.  ha ha

I completed my forms to go back to work next week, Jan 3.  The doctor had wanted me out until the 15th, but I think it will be good to ease back into the groove.  Plus both kids will be at school, Zoya flies home to Olympia on the 2nd and Leif will be back at South.

Fingers crossed Leif gets through the school year without hijinks and gets into U of O.  cross em now.....

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The week after Christmas - a week without PT!

So, yes I did get homework to do, but cannot for the life of me remember what the homework was!!! haha

I am blaming it on the drugs, I cannot remember a thing!  So I am working hard at trying to walk without a limp.  Yesterday the Game Ready rental people came by to pick up the machine.  It was a wondrous thing but I was really getting to hate it.  Every time I loaded it up and put it on I was freezing!  That is how good it worked!  It chilled my entire body.  I put it on my son's knee a couple of times, same result.

Anyways, as I was saying, the fellow came yesterday to pick it up. He called because he got lost and at the time I asked him if he has 4wd and studs and he said he could get in and out, he swapped one out before.  But the last time he came the driveway was plowed, and yesterday looked like someone shook the snow globe.  It was really coming down.  So poor guy got his little ford stuck in our driveway.  dang.  His wheels just spun and spun.

So I come out, with my crutch to save the day.  I pulled out my tow rope and he didn't have anything to attach it to on his silly little car.  So I hauled him out by the back of his car with my supreme toyota land cruiser.  I love that car.  We had a few other minor mishaps, but we got him out. ta da!!!

He also noticed I did not have a limp.  I was limping by the end of the day, we went to pick up sunglasses for Zoya at the mall and that was quite a wait.

also working on getting back to work. The Dr. wanted me out until Jan 15!  but I am ready to go back next week, so working that out now.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Father it has been 10 days since my last post-20 days post-op

Well I am getting a little more bend to my leg, with the help of physical therapy. It is amazing how quickly one can progress. Last Friday at PT was the breakthrough -I left PT feeling great! Today though I was able to cycle an entire revolution! Last week I was merely stretching back and forth as far as I felt comfortable on tge stationary bike. Today Laura sugguested I try it. The first couple were really really hard, then I was cruising'! Woo hoo. Leif said that is a major step. I am glad I am not working yet, I am totally fagged out, as the Brits would say

I also had kind of a faux pas today-I totally forgot to take my antibiotics -prior to a pap rest. How embarrassing. But the doc was really nice, at least I brought them calendars.

All in all I am doing great!

Friday, December 09, 2011

Knittin' and Knee Report  (not necessarily in that order)

Today is officially 10 days post op.  Not that that number means anything, but I am feeling pretty good.  My knee is still quite stiff, but I am up and walking about without aid of anything around the house.  I will be going out later and will be taking my crutches.  They offer stability in case my knee does decide it's tired and it also shows others that I have an issue with my knee so give me some room.  I will NOT be going to walmart, ha ha ha - folks there are always seem to be in a daze (I know I am) and I don't need some shopping cart slammed into me.  Same with Costco.

I had another shower today.  I am so glad I got the shower seat.  I don't sit on it to shower, but I use it to transfer in and out of the tub.  I wish I had known about this when Leif had his first surgery, I saw first hand how difficult it was for him to lift his leg over and into the tub while on crutches, while half dressed, with your mom helping you.  Poor guy.

I also moved my laptop back to the kitchen and am sitting at the table with my knee bent and doing that exercise.  These exercises are all pretty basic and involve just bending, so not too hard, just my knee is soooooo stiff.

Now for the knitting update.  I got the other side of the bag done.  It is not much to look at right now, I plan to block it today, then I start finishing off the bag.  I will try and add a picture then.   The next task is to pick up stitches and do the round bumper all around the top, then knit the top band, then another bumper, then, I am done!!! Well except for the strap I am still considering leather.

I am not sure Zoya will even like this but we shall see.

I also have another PT today.  That should be interesting - a whole hour of someone watching my knee bend.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Bruises and Blobs Day 8 post-op

My goal today is trying to diminish the swelling of my ankle on my bad leg. Since the black and blue marks rolled in yesterday, it looks reacly icky-hence the 'blob' title.

So I am laying in bed with my ankle high from stacked pillows and doing some foot pumps. Gotta work it out!

The black and blue with yellow tips is on the back of my leg mostly from ankle to above knee, and wraps around to the front. It would be lovely to take off the TED compression socks, but I think they are helping to control the swelling. I am supposed to wear these bad boys for 6 weeks, and yes they were white! I ordered 2 pairs online yesterday, my health savings card will cover them. I am not wearing the dirty ones out filthy like this! One of the nurses said they look good tie dyed so I will ask Zoya to do a pair for me when she comes home-which happens to be next Thursday! Yeah. I am thinking red on white!

I am trying to get all my exercises in, there are so many. And my rash/blister from the surgeons glue is rather annoying too. I showed my knee to Laura, my physiotherapist, and she agreed they were not staples.

Carrying on to get better! I am walking great without crutches but like to take 1 for stability. Still feels wired to bend it, sort of like having a hunk of metal in my knee, ha ha ha!

Sunday, December 04, 2011

A Shower and a staple pop
So I decided to have a shower today. Luckily the OT had me practice the transition into a tub at the hospital, so I was familiar with how to do it. I feel bad that I didn't know about this when Leif first had surgery, I remember it was very tricky getting his leg over the edge of the tub.

So the transition was fine, but when I went to take off my protective thingy over my stitches, I think one popped out. I hope it's not a big deal, it didn't seem to open up much.....hmmm wonder if I need to call it in.....

I have been told this is not a staple, Laura the PT confirmed.  So I am not sure what I am going in for next week, I guess they are stitches.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Sunday oops Saturday - Post Op Day 4

At first I thought it was Sunday.  That is how out of it i am due to the pain drugs.  Oxy in the hospital seemed too much, so I switched to hydrocone.  This morning I had one hydro and one oxy, so we will see how that goes.  I am trying to drag the times out so I am not getting cravings for them.  I remember years ago when my back was in such pain I was starting to 'need' them.  Don't want to go there.

The pain is fairly moderate since I have been keeping up with the drugs. Kind of a dull ache.

I am moving around pretty well.  I can maneuver around the house on one crutch.  This is an improvement, in the hospital I started with a walker, but moved to crutches.  The Value Village walker was just too big and they are so cumbersome anyways it was nice to be able to switch to crutches.  The PT nurse at the hospital had me do all my exercises and stairs twice to make sure i was good with them.  I must have pretty strong legs, because I could always raise my leg without much help.

Using one crutch is rather handy.  I am trying to hold myself straight and putting a lot of weight on my knee, and concentrating on bending it and trying to walk normally and I can still carry one thing in my non-crutch hand.

The only real issue right now is that although I thought I told EVERYONE at the hospital that I was allergic to that super glue the surgeons use - no one listened to me and in the hospital on Day 2 there it was, a giant blister the size of a quarter and red skin all around.  I wish I had a better memory, because I do not remember what I did following abdominal surgery when the same thing happened.  I can't remember if they said No to Neosporine or to use it.  dang. Maybe Rick remembers.  Same as with my abdominal surgery it is distracting and I hope it fades away soon.  At least it has not been itchy.

Well time to take off my Ted hose - I have to wear them on both legs for 6 weeks - and put them back on again.  Plus I want to check on my wound and the surgical stitches mess.  More later, glad I got this much typed my eyes are starting to glaze over from the pills I took an hour ago.

I may try knitting tonight....not sure if I trust myself to knit the right colors, since I keep nodding off.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 1 of mt knew knee-Wednesday

So far feeling really good and this entire experience is not what I expected. I have gone into this with a positive approach and so far;

- coming out of anesthesia was fast
- block is still holding and no pain so fat
- I can already bend my knew knee
- doc says I have 130 bend(many patients do not)
- I can lift my leg off the bed

I am on the knee bendy machine now for 4 hours, then breakfast, then my first PT. looking forward to my first steps.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Surgery is ON! - 10:25 am tomorrow!!!

but I am supposed to be there at 7:15 for my femoral block - heck!  I am going to show up at 7:30 just because they will make me sit there until they are ready anyways.  I am such a rebel!!!

Today was chockfull of hospital prep - meeting with the doc, signing papers, getting the game time (compression ice machine), then going for pre-op at the hospital (the nurse took forever) but she got all my allergy stuff logged in, then had to do lab work.  There was another lady there named Loree.....sure hope they don't get our pee mixed up.  We both went in at the same time, while I was getting blood drawn, she was peeing then vice versa.  Then when I left there were our two little pee pots side by side in the little metal cupboard.......her label was a bit ripped too so geesh.  I can hear the phone call now, "I am sorry you have diabetes - no surgery for you today!"  I asked the EKG nurse if I passed and she got all embarrassed.  ha ha

Then got crutches with ice spikes, and a crutch lesson, then picked up my drugs.  The good thing is I will be able to use my weight on my crutches.  The bad thing is I am conditioned to have a bad right leg from when I broke it back in 9th grade (yes too many years ago to even count) and so I am conditioned to favor that one.  I am sure that will get figured out fast.  Made it back to work for a meeting and finally ended the day and home.

I feel a tad nervous, but optimistic.  The Doc says I will only be in the hospital a day or two, so likely home by Thursday - Grey's Anatomy.  That will be good, I don't need to hang out there.  He also said I didn't need a walker, but I got my $4.99 deal at Sally Anne so its coming with me - the nurses were very stern about bringing stuff.  I bet they don't give him grief, but I don't need it.

Got home and the last of my Alice Starmore shipment arrived, it is that cool multi-colored sweater, can't remember what its called.....woo hoo.

so I will try and post from the hospital.  wish me and my knew knee luck!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Too lazy for BF

I admit I considered it-even stayed up til-oh heck, I'm still up and it's 2:28! Damn -I am usually asleep by 10. But it was a big day, thanksgiving. We had a nice time and talked to Zoya.

Tonight I asked Leif to keep an eye on Rick while I am in the hospital. Rick falls asleep most nights while tubing -so I asked Leif to please wake him up for bed so he won't be all stiff. Ha ha ha.i think Leif liked that I asked him. He had this funny smirk.

Tomorrow early my friend Stephanie and her husband head to Africa to visit their daughter who is in Ouagadougou (hmmm that was the computer that auto filled that one). I will miss her, I hope they have a safe trip.

Also, I measured my knees tonight for a comparison. My bad knee is 3" bigger.

Hmmmm, also made some headway knitting on the bag-done with that annoying color maybe a few stores on official BF!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

happy thanksgiving and WTF?

okay so today is my daughter's birthday (happy 20th bd sweetie) and Thanksgiving  - but I woke up asking myself -  what the heck am I doing?  knee surgery am I crazy?  Is my knee really that bad?

I have been reading on the internet - I know a scary thing - but most of the people I read about have stalled having this surgery and been in pain for years and years.

yikes.  what if I backed out?

then i guess I would regret it. I have only been in pain for a couple of years, but that pain is holding me back from doing things.

ok, all is good I have talked myself out of that one!  cheers and Happy Thanksgiving.....

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

is set up and friends invited.  I am hoping, hoping I will be able to post next week.
I am trying to think very positive about my upcoming surgery - it has to be better!!!!
happy thanksgiving all.
these colors suck or I am going color blind

thank goodness for the Ott light or I would not be able to tell Regal (deep purple) from Hazelnut ( yes, dark brown).  One more row and I can change to fuchsia and hazelnut........this bag is killing me and I am running out of time to blitz it pre-surgery.

yes, 6 days!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

tired and achy - need to knit! - as soon as football is done for the day!!!

spent the afternoon doing some Christmas baking.  Shortbread cookies, a double batch.  Dealing with that cookie press is annoying.  I really had issues getting the dough the right temp to work on the new press.  Also got inspired from Julia's fb post and made nuts and bolts!  So two sets of cookies all packed up for Evelyn and Burre (the inlaws) and now I am pooped.  Ended up taking a half a pain pill, my knee was really starting to hurt.

I have started doing exercises, need to keep those up so they are familiar after surgery, plus I would guess they may help now.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

on making bobbles.....

So today I did my usual Saturday morning knit at Kaladi Brothers Huffman.  Stephanie could not come because she is writing her State Social Worker exam.  Vivian showed up and is working on a baby hat to go with the adorable booties she has made in sock yarn.  So that was a challenge to try and get that rolling since it involved four exceptionally long dp's, only 72 stitches on sock yarn and very, very (Type A personality) tight stitches. She had done about 3 rows but had not realized the hat needed to be joined in the round.  We tried to join it but it was twisted so she frogged and started again.

Then Eric the barista sent a lady, Joanne, over.  She needed help with a bobble.  She ran out to the car to get it, she was afraid to take it out - right so give it to some total stranger to do!  Yikes, the pressure was on.  I managed to fix her bobble oops and knit her a new one, she is back on track.  And, her friend had my knee doc and had great success.  It was a good day. :)

oh and did I mention?  10 days pre-op!!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Frogging and such.....

So my next task on the bag was to do the second welt.  I went ahead and picked up stitches on the inside, but did not realize that I was a bit off - the finished welt looked really twisted.  So frogged out the 3 needle join and redid it.  This time I did it one stitch at a time and chose the stitch directly under the live stitch.  Kind of slow.

Finally started the other side of the bag tonight.  Gotta pick up the pace a bit!

Meanwhile, a work buddy told me how his wife, who is a nurse, recommended my doctor for her husband.  Apparently he is really good......anticipation....12 days pre-op!  I have been reading through my material from Joint Camp.....

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sipalu - a Knit Picks kit (and 16 days pre-op)

half way done and I have blocked it.  This is the front (or back) and the side of the bag.  Now I am to pick up the provisional cast on and knit the other side of the bag.

I was lucky to be able to knit on it a lot while I was home with Leif following his surgery.  I have made a few mistakes, but nothing worth frogging over.

I am considering a leather handle.  This is a gift for my daughter for Christmas.  Of course now the race is on to see how much I can get done over the next couple of weeks.  I imagine I am going to be pretty worthless the first week.  Sort of like when I knit my Dale cardigan in Mexico by the pool while sipping margaritas.  Those rows had kind of a different look.  :)

While I am waiting for this to dry I have started a pair of wristlets.

I am curious if I will be able to have my iPad and iPhone in the hospital.  Should I worry it could get stolen?  It sure would be fun to post from the hospital and keep up on my scrabble........:)


Friday, November 11, 2011

Joint Camp!
Well it was an interesting afternoon.  5 of us showed up for Joint Camp at Providence Hospital.  It was quite informative and very well done.  Staff of the 3rd floor Orthopedic Floor presented information. There was the Chaplain, the Physical Therapist, the Occupational Therapist and a nurse.  They had a power point and demonstrated exercises, as well as talked about pain management and what would go on with our entire surgery.

I believe I was the youngest person there.  There were two older gentleman, one was a character!  Grumbling about not wanting to stay in the hospital and claiming he would drive his stick shift car no matter what.  A gentleman and his wife and grandson from Dutch Harbor.  They are here in Anchorage for a whole month while he has surgery and recovers.  And a lady from Palmer.

We all sat there with our bad legs stretched out and listened.  We also got a binder and were told about things to get to help us out with the surgery.  These included a walker (yes mandatory), crutches, toilet rails and a shower seat.  I hustled and found a walker at Value Village - $4.99, crutches at the Sally Anne $3.50, then found a shower seat on Craigslist $15 and bought toilet rails from Walgreens with my FSA card $49.

I also got a haircut and used a gift certificate for a facial, wax and eyebrow tint.  woo too

So, just waiting for my Starmore shipment.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

20 days pre-op but what's up with all these Big Projects?  
Both work and knitting

So today I got handed a huge project.  Should be fun, and a challenge, and I am honored to have the confidence of the person who assigned it.  Luckily I have very smart people working with me on it, namely Isobel and Kathy.

I also made a decision on some yarn - not just any yarn, Alice Starmore yarn.  Three pretty big projects to say the least, Flora, Ashby (Brooklyn Tweed made with Starmore yarn) and St. Catharine vest.

And tomorrow is Joint Camp.  Lots happening!

Saturday, November 05, 2011

This is a test from my iPad

Friday, November 04, 2011

25 days pre-op

Monday I was at Carrs and realized I could barely walk. A rather freaky feeling, but definitely helping me to realize I am doing the right thing. I have also been doing some reading of other's experiences and realize that the symptom of not being able to kneel well is one I have had for some time.

I have been home this week while my son recovers from his surgery and so I have not been using it a lot.
I am planning to make Christmas cookies starting this weekend, so we can mail some and have some on hand for us and I won't feel pressured to make them after surgery.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

33 days pre-op
I have been doing a lot of hanging at home caring for my son, so not walking too much.

He is still in a lot of pain. We are on Day 7 with my son, and his pain tolerance comes and goes. Today he had a shower and I think that took a lot out of him. According to Mike at work, the first 5 days of a partial knee replacement are the worst. Mike of course did not stay in the hospital.

My knee has been feeling okay, still a little unstable. Today I schlepped 8 tires up our hill and loaded them in the car to take to the tire changer guy. That was not that easy, I could feel the strain in my knee. Even walking around the house my knee gets locked or feels unstable.......just reinforcing the pain, part of the process for me.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

34 days pre-op - just counted O Day is November 29

So my son is doing remarkably well following his knee surgery, he had a different operation, but he worked hard beforehand to strengthen his muscles. He worked out a lot, but I will do what I can.

I have looked up a few exercises and started them today. They seem pretty basic, but I am sure every little bit helps. The ones I am doing are ankle flexes and leg raises. I am going to bring our exercise bike up as well and set it up.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"I'll pray for you...."
A co-workers words to me on hearing I was having a partial knee replacement. These words followed the statement that she had known two others who had gotten knee surgery and died. Oh great.

Needless to say I raced home to make sure my child, who just had knee surgery, was ok. Now, of course I am faced with worrying about dying on top of having surgery.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Background on me and my knee

I am a 55 year old woman, yes this year I hit the speed limit, the slower freeway one. I am not a super athlete, but have kept busy - I was a runner for many years until I hurt my back, after that no running, I then walked the marathon with Team in Training - that seemed to be harder on my toes than my knees. I X-C skied for years, I began to skate ski.

I had a brief stint dabbling in downhill skiing. Actually I broke my right leg in 5 places my very first day downhill skiing. The ski bindings did not release and I ended up in casts for almost a year. This was in 9th grade. I later went back and learned how to ski, I kept dating all these guys who were big skiers, so I had to. I was always kind of a chicken, but I did it, I went back. I think now, that year on crutches with using my left knee so hard may have contributed to my current knee issues.

My son has had knee issues for about 5 years after popping out his kneecap in a middle school pickup BB game. Since then he has learned how to play hockey, played football and been through 2 surgeries, the most recent one last Friday. This time they attached his kneecap with cadaver tissue, so lets hope it is there to stay put.

We are regulars at Anchorage Orthopedic, my son also broke his arm 3 times - one when he was three at daycare, one playing football at a friends house and once jumping on the hotel bed in NYC.

Since my knee was starting to hurt me I decided to get it looked at. I ended up seeing a doc last August. They took x-rays and an MRI and discussed options. I could either try some of those lube job shots or have arthroscope surgery to clean things up in my knee. I decided to try the lube jobs and had two treatments. The first one worked great, the second one did nothing. I also had a shot of cortisone in July when we went on a trip and that was wonderful, no pain. But my doc gave mixed signals from "Oh come in and we will give you a shot of cortisone" to then " we don't like to give these all the time." He kind of made me feel like I was breaking the rules.

A year later and my knee was really bugging me. I decided to try a different doctor and was all set up for an appointment at a different clinic when a friend of mine suggested his friend who is a knee doc at Anchorage Fracture. Luckily Dr. Garner was very nice about me switching to Dr. Lapkass for a second opinion.

Dr. Lapkass did the old bend the knees, crack crack in both, and then took x-rays. When I looked all I saw was bone on bone in the medial area, inside, of my knee. Yikes! that sucks.

Here are the options he gave me;

1. knee brace - yeah, I have seen those on my son, I don't think so! Not a fashion accessory for me.
2. supplements - like Aleve and glucosamine - I explained I was already taking 3 Aleve and 3 ibuprofen a day and 3000 mg of glucosamine with MSG - to counteract the femara and tamoxifen from breast cancer and that was helping overall joint pain.
3. more lube job shots - well those are not working
4. arthroscopic surgery to clean things up - which would not fix anything but may make it feel a bit better.
5. a partial knee replacement - the Oxford.

Holy cow! I asked him to tell me more and he ran and got a model of one. There it was this slick looking metal and plastic thing to make my knee work again.

Now I am one of those people who always say yes to things so I said yes and we scheduled my surgery for 6 weeks out - November 29 - first I needed to get my son through his surgery on October 21.

the doubt - so just because I said Yes would I go through with it?
I started my research. there is a fellow I work with, Mike, who had the same surgery a year ago - he is very pleased he did it. He is an excellent resource and I ask him things all the time.

But was my knee really that bad? It kind of hurt differently all the time, or took turns being numb or swollen or feeling like it was going to pop out, it didn't, but it just feels odd.

I was just amazed that this could happen so fast, my body was failing rapidly. I decided to get copies of my x-rays and printed out last years and this years. I am a graphic person, I have to see things. As I was looking at them on the kitchen counter my son (with the bad knee) ambled over.

"I don't see much difference." I said, almost convinced that there was no big deal on paper, but yet my knee hurt.

"Are you kidding?" he retorted in that way only teenagers can. He then proceeded to explain the x-rays to me, pointing out differences and changes and the bone on bone, "So you have to really read x-rays carefully, see this here and this here? This is awful!" My 17 year old had learned a lot in his knee journeys, or he was channeling Dougie Houser.

Ok, he had me convinced. I just needed to realize I was doing the right thing. But I knew that I did not want to be limping along as a senior citizen, or even as a 50 some year old, but I already was. I used to enjoy walking and this year when we took my daughter to college I was in pain all the time. I had no idea what it was from, but now I know. Unfortunatley you can't grow back cartilage, I asked. I keep thinking that they needed to invent a spray foam that could serve as a cushion - ha ha- silly me.

I called to ask the nurse a few questions and discovered I would be in the hospital for 2-4 days! Yikes! This shocked me into realizing this is a big deal. My work-mate Mike, had his knee replacement with a different doc and had outpatient surgery. They sent him home with the perpetual knee machine and he was on his own. I am glad I am going through the hospital route. Especially since my son was awake at 2:30 am this morning howling with pain - he is 3 days post op. Nothing is as bad as having your kid crying and there is nothing you can do but give him more drugs. So I guess being in the hospital will not be that bad.

Then I got the call from the Orthopedic Wing at Providence Hospital inviting me to Joint Camp. Now I love stuff like that - camaraderie, bonding. I was in bliss when I was pregnant, all those things to learn more info and meet others going through the same thing. I guess the hip people go on alternate Thursdays. So in two weeks my coach (my husband) and I are expected to attend an hour and a half session with other partial knee replacement people, many of whom will be operated on at the same time, cause I guess Tuesday is knee day for my doc. At Joint Camp I expect to learn about the surgery and exercises and all kinds of things. On checking the Oxford website it looks like that is standard protocol in England so I am pleased to be part of this.

stay tuned.........

Life changes and the KNEEd for more to this blog

So, I see from my last post that I haven't added much to my knitting tales, they are pretty boring, but then knitting is not meant to be action packed, it is a way to relax for me.

I have a couple of UFO's floating around - these are what knitters call UnFinished Objects. These are primarily the

Bella Blouse - started this summer in a knit along through Interweave Knits - its all knit up but not put together yet, plenty of time until next summer since I live after all in Alaska!

The Kauni, (mine looks surprisingly like this one, from her blog - One Crazy Fiber Lady) except now I am shamed into finishing mine, she is after all a single working mother with twins, I think I need to get mine completed. Currently my kauni is perfect for a one armed woman a bit smaller than me! ha!

I did finish a Fireweed Kingscot - I will post my own pics for that one. It turned out massive! So I had to sew and cut on the seams to get it down to size. It is comfy and cosy and I am pleased that I used a soft yarn, my last Norah Gaughan I went for cheap yarn and it is hard and stiff - fie to Cascade 220.

But I did do my first commission for a friend, I knit her a pair of leg warmers. I learned from that, the moral is don't knit it if they go cheap on the yarn. We did on these and they are not as soft and supple as what they could have been. We shall see how she likes them when she gets back from her trip to Italy.

I also am going to have a partial knee replacement. Yes, I will be getting an Oxford knee on November 29, 2011. I have been searching for blogs on partial knee replacements so I could see how their surgery and recover went but since I have not found any, (I did find one remarkable one by a man who had two total knee replacements - and he did surprisingly well) so I will attempt to record my journey with my one partial knee replacement.