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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 1 of mt knew knee-Wednesday

So far feeling really good and this entire experience is not what I expected. I have gone into this with a positive approach and so far;

- coming out of anesthesia was fast
- block is still holding and no pain so fat
- I can already bend my knew knee
- doc says I have 130 bend(many patients do not)
- I can lift my leg off the bed

I am on the knee bendy machine now for 4 hours, then breakfast, then my first PT. looking forward to my first steps.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Surgery is ON! - 10:25 am tomorrow!!!

but I am supposed to be there at 7:15 for my femoral block - heck!  I am going to show up at 7:30 just because they will make me sit there until they are ready anyways.  I am such a rebel!!!

Today was chockfull of hospital prep - meeting with the doc, signing papers, getting the game time (compression ice machine), then going for pre-op at the hospital (the nurse took forever) but she got all my allergy stuff logged in, then had to do lab work.  There was another lady there named Loree.....sure hope they don't get our pee mixed up.  We both went in at the same time, while I was getting blood drawn, she was peeing then vice versa.  Then when I left there were our two little pee pots side by side in the little metal cupboard.......her label was a bit ripped too so geesh.  I can hear the phone call now, "I am sorry you have diabetes - no surgery for you today!"  I asked the EKG nurse if I passed and she got all embarrassed.  ha ha

Then got crutches with ice spikes, and a crutch lesson, then picked up my drugs.  The good thing is I will be able to use my weight on my crutches.  The bad thing is I am conditioned to have a bad right leg from when I broke it back in 9th grade (yes too many years ago to even count) and so I am conditioned to favor that one.  I am sure that will get figured out fast.  Made it back to work for a meeting and finally ended the day and home.

I feel a tad nervous, but optimistic.  The Doc says I will only be in the hospital a day or two, so likely home by Thursday - Grey's Anatomy.  That will be good, I don't need to hang out there.  He also said I didn't need a walker, but I got my $4.99 deal at Sally Anne so its coming with me - the nurses were very stern about bringing stuff.  I bet they don't give him grief, but I don't need it.

Got home and the last of my Alice Starmore shipment arrived, it is that cool multi-colored sweater, can't remember what its called.....woo hoo.

so I will try and post from the hospital.  wish me and my knew knee luck!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Too lazy for BF

I admit I considered it-even stayed up til-oh heck, I'm still up and it's 2:28! Damn -I am usually asleep by 10. But it was a big day, thanksgiving. We had a nice time and talked to Zoya.

Tonight I asked Leif to keep an eye on Rick while I am in the hospital. Rick falls asleep most nights while tubing -so I asked Leif to please wake him up for bed so he won't be all stiff. Ha ha ha.i think Leif liked that I asked him. He had this funny smirk.

Tomorrow early my friend Stephanie and her husband head to Africa to visit their daughter who is in Ouagadougou (hmmm that was the computer that auto filled that one). I will miss her, I hope they have a safe trip.

Also, I measured my knees tonight for a comparison. My bad knee is 3" bigger.

Hmmmm, also made some headway knitting on the bag-done with that annoying color maybe a few stores on official BF!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

happy thanksgiving and WTF?

okay so today is my daughter's birthday (happy 20th bd sweetie) and Thanksgiving  - but I woke up asking myself -  what the heck am I doing?  knee surgery am I crazy?  Is my knee really that bad?

I have been reading on the internet - I know a scary thing - but most of the people I read about have stalled having this surgery and been in pain for years and years.

yikes.  what if I backed out?

then i guess I would regret it. I have only been in pain for a couple of years, but that pain is holding me back from doing things.

ok, all is good I have talked myself out of that one!  cheers and Happy Thanksgiving.....

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

is set up and friends invited.  I am hoping, hoping I will be able to post next week.
I am trying to think very positive about my upcoming surgery - it has to be better!!!!
happy thanksgiving all.
these colors suck or I am going color blind

thank goodness for the Ott light or I would not be able to tell Regal (deep purple) from Hazelnut ( yes, dark brown).  One more row and I can change to fuchsia and hazelnut........this bag is killing me and I am running out of time to blitz it pre-surgery.

yes, 6 days!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

tired and achy - need to knit! - as soon as football is done for the day!!!

spent the afternoon doing some Christmas baking.  Shortbread cookies, a double batch.  Dealing with that cookie press is annoying.  I really had issues getting the dough the right temp to work on the new press.  Also got inspired from Julia's fb post and made nuts and bolts!  So two sets of cookies all packed up for Evelyn and Burre (the inlaws) and now I am pooped.  Ended up taking a half a pain pill, my knee was really starting to hurt.

I have started doing exercises, need to keep those up so they are familiar after surgery, plus I would guess they may help now.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

on making bobbles.....

So today I did my usual Saturday morning knit at Kaladi Brothers Huffman.  Stephanie could not come because she is writing her State Social Worker exam.  Vivian showed up and is working on a baby hat to go with the adorable booties she has made in sock yarn.  So that was a challenge to try and get that rolling since it involved four exceptionally long dp's, only 72 stitches on sock yarn and very, very (Type A personality) tight stitches. She had done about 3 rows but had not realized the hat needed to be joined in the round.  We tried to join it but it was twisted so she frogged and started again.

Then Eric the barista sent a lady, Joanne, over.  She needed help with a bobble.  She ran out to the car to get it, she was afraid to take it out - right so give it to some total stranger to do!  Yikes, the pressure was on.  I managed to fix her bobble oops and knit her a new one, she is back on track.  And, her friend had my knee doc and had great success.  It was a good day. :)

oh and did I mention?  10 days pre-op!!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Frogging and such.....

So my next task on the bag was to do the second welt.  I went ahead and picked up stitches on the inside, but did not realize that I was a bit off - the finished welt looked really twisted.  So frogged out the 3 needle join and redid it.  This time I did it one stitch at a time and chose the stitch directly under the live stitch.  Kind of slow.

Finally started the other side of the bag tonight.  Gotta pick up the pace a bit!

Meanwhile, a work buddy told me how his wife, who is a nurse, recommended my doctor for her husband.  Apparently he is really good......anticipation....12 days pre-op!  I have been reading through my material from Joint Camp.....

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sipalu - a Knit Picks kit (and 16 days pre-op)

half way done and I have blocked it.  This is the front (or back) and the side of the bag.  Now I am to pick up the provisional cast on and knit the other side of the bag.

I was lucky to be able to knit on it a lot while I was home with Leif following his surgery.  I have made a few mistakes, but nothing worth frogging over.

I am considering a leather handle.  This is a gift for my daughter for Christmas.  Of course now the race is on to see how much I can get done over the next couple of weeks.  I imagine I am going to be pretty worthless the first week.  Sort of like when I knit my Dale cardigan in Mexico by the pool while sipping margaritas.  Those rows had kind of a different look.  :)

While I am waiting for this to dry I have started a pair of wristlets.

I am curious if I will be able to have my iPad and iPhone in the hospital.  Should I worry it could get stolen?  It sure would be fun to post from the hospital and keep up on my scrabble........:)


Friday, November 11, 2011

Joint Camp!
Well it was an interesting afternoon.  5 of us showed up for Joint Camp at Providence Hospital.  It was quite informative and very well done.  Staff of the 3rd floor Orthopedic Floor presented information. There was the Chaplain, the Physical Therapist, the Occupational Therapist and a nurse.  They had a power point and demonstrated exercises, as well as talked about pain management and what would go on with our entire surgery.

I believe I was the youngest person there.  There were two older gentleman, one was a character!  Grumbling about not wanting to stay in the hospital and claiming he would drive his stick shift car no matter what.  A gentleman and his wife and grandson from Dutch Harbor.  They are here in Anchorage for a whole month while he has surgery and recovers.  And a lady from Palmer.

We all sat there with our bad legs stretched out and listened.  We also got a binder and were told about things to get to help us out with the surgery.  These included a walker (yes mandatory), crutches, toilet rails and a shower seat.  I hustled and found a walker at Value Village - $4.99, crutches at the Sally Anne $3.50, then found a shower seat on Craigslist $15 and bought toilet rails from Walgreens with my FSA card $49.

I also got a haircut and used a gift certificate for a facial, wax and eyebrow tint.  woo too

So, just waiting for my Starmore shipment.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

20 days pre-op but what's up with all these Big Projects?  
Both work and knitting

So today I got handed a huge project.  Should be fun, and a challenge, and I am honored to have the confidence of the person who assigned it.  Luckily I have very smart people working with me on it, namely Isobel and Kathy.

I also made a decision on some yarn - not just any yarn, Alice Starmore yarn.  Three pretty big projects to say the least, Flora, Ashby (Brooklyn Tweed made with Starmore yarn) and St. Catharine vest.

And tomorrow is Joint Camp.  Lots happening!

Saturday, November 05, 2011

This is a test from my iPad

Friday, November 04, 2011

25 days pre-op

Monday I was at Carrs and realized I could barely walk. A rather freaky feeling, but definitely helping me to realize I am doing the right thing. I have also been doing some reading of other's experiences and realize that the symptom of not being able to kneel well is one I have had for some time.

I have been home this week while my son recovers from his surgery and so I have not been using it a lot.
I am planning to make Christmas cookies starting this weekend, so we can mail some and have some on hand for us and I won't feel pressured to make them after surgery.