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Friday, December 29, 2006

OK so its off to the yarn store for me.

I have been studying messages from others trying to determine the best yarn. No one in Anchorage seems to have Berrocco Pure Merino, surprise!! story of our lives up here.

But one LYS does have a bunch of merino.

Kathy though suggested I use a more summary weight of yarn, but did not come up with any suggestions.

My other thought is to order from knitpicks. Of course I need a big order or postage kills the savings.

I am also considering knitting the other cardigan in the magazine, the off center one, it is knit with Colinette Prism. Looks a bit off beat, so will try that out.

Attached is a photo of a scarf I just completed for my "little sister" Jessica. I used Noro Kureyon then since it did not seem that soft I lined it with half of an Old Navy sale scarf.

Here is one of my cat playing with the leftover lining....

Thursday, December 28, 2006

You know I look at other blogs on the web and I see all this beautiful stuff, but there is always something a little off with my creations.

The grey alpaca cable sweater, with the neckline that just sucks. I keep meaning to rip it out and fix it but its been 3 years now......

Or the pink giant yarn sweater, why oh why did I every buy that shade of fuschia?

The asymmentrical tank top I tried last summer, my friend said I could easily turn it into a tote bag.....

I am going to try the Nantucket and do it right. wish me luck.............