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Thursday, January 05, 2012

I overdid it!

This week I went back to work.  Silly me, thinking I could just jump back into full time, after all I don't do much, just sit at a desk and work on a computer.  Turns out sitting at my desk is a totally different feel than sitting on my big cushy chair at home and knitting.  I am in a totally different body shape and I have to remember to get up a lot and walk around.

I woke up this morning early, my knee was just throbbing.  Usually it is great in the morning or a little rough, but this was big time owie.  I took an oxy and emailed my boss I would be coming in, later.  I guess I need to slow down a bit.
I have PT at 3 today, so that will wear me out big time for tonight.  I am planning a very light work day tomorrow.  I must say this has given me a much better understanding of Leif's knee.  It is crazy but right after PT I feel very revved up, my knee is loose, I feel very adept.  But half an hour later I am ready to pass out.  It is physically exhausting.  I am glad I go to PT at the end of the work day cause I am pretty useless afterwards.  Tuesday night I was ready for bed at 9!

Also in slowdown mode is my Avery Cowl.  I must be knitting looser (hmm that took me a minute to not write loser). I had noticed on several Ravelry posts that people were running out with 2 skeins.  Well I managed to cast off Zoya's cowl without doing row 1 again, and had to spit weld some strands leftover from too long a cast on tail to finish the cast off.  On mine, I am about 5 rows shy of casting off and I maybe have one row of yarn left.  So I ordered another skein last night.  Now i will just have to wait until next week to wear my cowl.  The yarn seemed to take a week or so to get here.  I noticed last night that Quince & Company had sent me a cute postcard and a button with my order.  How nice!  I do love that Osprey yarn.

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